Yesterday I went to the plot and convinced myself that the summer was really leaving. My Ficus any such flowers withered, and become rusty. Japanese willow had lost color, the only thing that consoled me was that the cloves to the newly revived and gave new flowers. Dalia also still good, but somehow it all for me to end soon. Despite everything was pleasant to me, turned his gaze on the green that never fades, and the beautiful geraniums on the terrace.I sat at the kawce and koniaczku, quietly read a book, I was already in another world because he shares accelerated in the book, but I occasionally had to check where the bell rings Lusieńki. How long it could not hear it meant that somewhere is doing damage, holes in the back lawn. Lusia novelty surprised me yesterday. I always wanted to enter the node that has laid paws on a chair and asked, yesterday made a bigger running start and jumped a leap where she wanted. Disrupted to run out this little tasty dupeczką and slept like an innocent. In the morning until I saw how much "pest" caused a wrong. Dear Lusia!

Takie długie może być.. ?!!
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During the week Friday is the best day. Then a weekend is beginning. I have lots of time on my hands for the rest, the learning, pleasures or the hobby. I think that somebody very much wisely invented, that there is such disruption of the flow of the week in order to deal with something nice, to tear oneself away from one's studies for a moment. On Friday it is usually still necessary to get up on 8 morning to the school, but after 7 hours of the learning a freedom is beginning.
First whatever I am doing I am playing on a computer and I am planning what I will be doing on Saturday and Sunday. I must usually visit the grandmother, but it is a pleasant visit.

Najlepszym dniem w tygodniu jest piątek. Zaczyna się wtedy weekend. Mam dużo czasu na odpoczynek, naukę, przyjemności czy hobby. Myślę, że ktoś bardzo mądrze wymyślił, że jest taka przerwa w ciągu tygodnia, by zająć się czymś miłym, oderwać się na chwilę od nauki.
Pierwsze co robię to gram na komputerze i planuję co będę robić w sobotę i niedzielę. Zwykle muszę odwiedzić babcię, ale to przyjemna wizyta.
Zwykle w piątek jeszcze trzeba wstać na 8 rano do szkoły, ale po 7 godzinach nauki zaczyna się wolność.
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