Uzupełnijcie ćw. które są w załącznikach.Ćw na str 15 6,7 podam treść bo nie widać.
5.What do emily and alex like doing at the weekend?Look at the chart and complete the conversation.
Taki ptaszek oznacza LOVE a OK macie napisane don't mind ......
6.Look at the chart in exercise 5 again and write six sentences about Emily and Alex.
Sorry ale ta str 15 ucięta lepiej sie nie dało :)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I love going to party
So I do
I like dancing the salsa
Don't You I can't dance it.
I love watching DVDs.
I love it too.
And I like playing computers games.
So I do
I hate ironning my clothes
So I do
but I like buyingn(?) clothes.
I like it too. Let's shopping
6. Emily loves going to parties and so Alex does.
Emily likes playing computers games and so Alex does.
Emily hates ironning clothes and so Alex does.
Emily loves watching DVDs and so Alex does.
Emily likes buying clothes and so Alex does.
7 Vacubulary
awful, interesting, exellent, terrific, silly, boring, brillant, exciting, funny, terrible, ..., ..., ....;
I kolumna: destroy, enjoy, rescue, avoid
II kolumna: final, planet, kidnap, pirate, remove, succeed
laugh - half tak
curse worse tak
blood good tak
lose close nie
scary diary nie
scared hard nie
dream seem tak
A 2, B 3, C 1
A - living, marring (?), being, attacking, fighting
B - eskaping (?), losing, looking
C - flying, keeping
2. thinking, playing, becoming, watching, crying, talking
3. so don't, so does, so do, so do, so doesn't
4 like, of, in, on, with, for, at, up, about
16 4 16