1) Odpowiadasz swojemu znajomemy ze stanów zjednoczonych o włamaniu w nocy do twojego domu . napisz :
- gdze byłes gdy dowiedziałes sie o włamaniu
- jak zaaregowałes widząc zniszczenia.

2) wraz z kolegami wsród których jest osoba z angli znajdujecie sie przed kinem. czekacie na spóźnionego kolege , który ma bilety. :
- wyraz swoje zaniepokojenie i przepuszczenia , ze cos musiało sie stac
-nie nzgodz sie z opinia kolegi z angli co do powodu spuźnioenia tamtego kolegi i podaj swoje zdanie na ten temat.
- zaproponuj co zrobic w tej sytuacji.

prosze zróbcie mi te zadanie na dzis bardzo mi jest potrzebne mozecie brac z internetu jesli znajdziecie ']



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. Hi, Jay. You can't imagine what happened. So, I went to my aunt for the whole day because she has some repair at home and I helped her. And when I came home... Oh, how it was shock for me! - I saw, my flat is open, everything was in completly confusion there. Terrible! My neighbour waited for me inside. He said he saw a robber but was too fahr to do anything. He came to check if everything is ok. And it wasn't. And after I came back. The robber stold my DVD, camera and some money. That was a lot... We called police but they still didn't found the robber.

2. - Where is Jasiek? Can you see him?
- No, I don't know where he is... He should be here a half hour ago. However you know, Jasiek is Jasiek...
- I think something has happened. If there are some robbers... oh, no, it's dark, it can be dangerous to walk alone here. Could somebody call him?
- Marek, don't panic. I think he's asleep or something like this. However, yes, we shold phone.
- Believe me, here is dangerous. Something happened. I'm sure.
- You're crazy.
1.When It was it, a was in house my friend on peformance. It was great, But suddenly my mobile phone Begin calling. I have gotten back and I have heard voice of friend, Which (who) lives on against I. He said, That from my house someone It totals (take away my things! I has been frightened on jokes not! I have gone to house at once, But when I have appeared be late too. It was stolen my house from all valuable things. It was not tv set, stereophonic tower, phones, equipment RTV and AGD . NOTHING! Everything it was littered in addition, wells window broken, everywhere garbage and papers. I was bent, that not know make.I have called on policje and they have occupied it

2.I was disturbed very when my friend did not appear under cinema. I thought that something can it him constant , that anybody has attacked he or it has beaten. Who know?
But my friend from England he thought reason not mum,and that I be mistaken. I wanted to explain him that it can call should for him.Because harm can happen him