My room is very spacious, it has about 20 square meteres. It is placed in the southern part of my apartment. There are big windows in my room and so it is well lit. There is a two-story bed wardrobe, two armchairs, table, tv, and serveral shelves in my room. There are a lot of flowers standing on those shelves. The entrence to my room is on the north side. There is a desk with comupter standing on the left side of the window. Right next to the entrance there is a bed. The room itself is pained yellow. There is a lot of space at the centre of the room. There is a brown crapet laying. The room/carpet is very confortable in my opinion, and I'm pretty satisfied with it. The room is big. The wall in te room is red. My flor in room is pink
My room it' quite big. The walls are red and the floor is brown. I keep my radio- casete player on the floor near the bed. My bed is on the right of the room oposite the door. There' s a brown bookshelf above the bed with lots books on it.