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borch, ravioli, carp, cabbage with mushrooms, poppycakes, wafer, Christmas mass

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gdzie (w moim domu), z kim (rodzice, bracia, dziadkowie), o której (między 16.30 a 17.30), jedzenie (patrz wyżej), pasterka (nie), prezenty (wiele, wspaniałych prezentów) ...



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Christmas are the most awaited days in the year! Christmas is proceded by many days of preperations. We decorated our christmas tree of chains, coloured lamps etc. I love it! Always I decorate tree with my elder sister. It's fun! Next we helped our mum in the kitchen. We made a cheesecake. It's delicious! In Christmas Eve(24th December) when we take seats at the table we ca'nt forget of leaving an empty place for an unexpected guest.Christmas Eve is always in my house. All my family are with me: grandparents, unckles, aunt's, cousines.We always must share the holy wafer. In the table we have twelve dishes. There are red borsch with ravioli, sour cabbage with mushrooms, carps, cheescake and a boiled wheat with poppy seeds and honey served on Christmas Eve. It's delicious!! I love it!! I ate all dishes! Which I like most? Of course Polish sour cabbage with mushrooms. It's the best food I've ever eaten. After Christmas Eve, at midnight many people go to church to attend a special mass during which Christmas carols are sung, but I don't go there because I'm too sleepy. The first day of Christmas, 25th December we spend for opening presents! Many, Many presents. I love it!!

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