First of all i wanna say that i have a few friends, but only one is worth to describe, beacuse he is so interesting. His name is Lucas, he is so delighted, that many friends of mine are in love with him. He is really true gentleman, he always opens door for me, is polite, and he treat me like a lady. We used to play in badn in the childhood, he is very talented, he plays guitar and singing well. But on teh other hand he can be sometimes lazy, and sooo anoying. I hate when is Friday evening, and he dont wanna go outside, he's learning all the time, actually he dont have his private life. The biggest drawbacks of him is that he is drinkning too much beer, i told him not once, taht he must stopped, but he obvious hasnt listened me. At the end i just wanna say that whichever he wolud be i will always be aorund him, support him, bacuase he is my firnds.