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Elephant polo - a team sport, polo variant, in which riders on horseback instead of moving the elephants.
It was created in the '60s Twentieth century. Most popular in Nepal, where it is supported by state authorities as part of a national tradition. In addition, it is also cultivated in India, Sri Lanka, Burma and South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania and Mozambique. Professionals in African countries are organized primarily as an attraction for tourists.
International matches are played under the auspices founded in 1982, the International Elephant Polo Association (the World Elephant Polo Association), established in Nepal in Chitwan. The game takes place in two international leagues, which meet the winner of the match for the world championship (since 1982).
Match is in two parts (of 10 minutes each) with a fifteen-minute break. During the break the players change the field and elephants. A team consists of four players on the elephants. On one half of the fields may be present up to three players from one team, and in the field adjacent to the line of the final pitch, the shape of the letter D, only one fighter from each team. Any hazardous penalized a stroke is the projection of a free place to commit a foul or a projection of a criminal from a distance of 20 meters, where the offense occurred within a field D. The principle of one impact, which means that the player who misses the ball loses the right to strike again. Players can play only one hand. In the case of a tie advertised is a 5 minute overtime, where the principle of the golden goal, in the event of further tie, the contest takes place penalty kicks.
Match is controlled by two judges on the elephants and on the pitch, one side judge, also on an elephant and two pedestrian point of arbitrators who are leaving the field lines.
Court has dimensions of 100 to 70 meters, is divided into two halves. In the middle of a circle is drawn with a diameter of 10 meters. On the line ending pitch is the field point in a D-shaped with a radius of 20 meters. Gateway is acquired when the ball passes the line ending on the pitch designated by the width of box D.
Ball used to play is the same as a polo horse. Has dimensions of 7,6-8,9 cm and weight of 99-128 g and is made of plastic or willow wood. Uderzaki in the shape of hammers on long poles have a length from 5 to 12 feet and are suitable for the growth of the animal. Mandatory player is wearing a helmet or hat type tope.

Polo on horses game played on horseback in a grassy field by 2 four teams, the players seek, using long sticks called. malletów to be placed in the opponent's wooden gate, a white ball the size of an orange.
The game was created in Central Asia. Arrived in Europe in the nineteenth century by the Indian troops stationed in the UK. Polo was the Olympic discipline at four Olympic Games: 1908, 1920, 1924 and 1936.
The goal is punching a rival to the gate (width 7.32 m) of the ball, with Mallet. The game involved two teams, counting after 4 players, the match is played on horseback. Pitches with dimensions of 275 mx 183 m is usually grass. In polo, you can also play on the football fields measuring 100 mx 50 m, then this is the "arena polo, a game of 3 players. The match takes place from 4 to 8 parts lasting 7.5 minutes so. czakerów, 6.5 minutes for arena polo. Among them are 3-minute breaks, which are usually sufficient to change the horse. Player, playing polo is usually 4 horses during the match. Each time the potted balls into a goal, or winning,, goal, players turn to fishing.
Because this is exhausting and traumatic the game, used to her full-blood horses mostly English or Argentine horses. In sports clubs, horse competitions only from 2 to 5 seasons.

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