Napisz list do kolegi/koleżanki po angielsku w którym:
1. Podziękuj koledze/koleżance za list i przeproś, że długo nie pisałeś.
2. Opisz przygotowania do świąt.
3. Opisz przynajmniej dwie zwyczaje związane z Wigilią.
4. Napisz, co jadłeś i co najbardzej Ci smakowało.

List musi zawierać od 120 do 150 słów. Z góry dziękuje. ;]



Hey dear. Sorry that I wrote not so much. Christmas took me so long. Excuse me, but now it says. My preparation for the holidays to look like this: I was running the shop with her mother, bought food, I cleaned the house [oh I hate to clean] and dressed Christmas tree. On Christmas Eve with my mother cooked dishes. You know that Christmas is a tradition that you have to dress up a Christmas tree. Dressed her for an hour because I could not decide how to dress. I like to break the wafer. It took me half an hour because I have a big family, and all you have to break. I tried everything in order. I tasted the most barsz with dumplings and noodles with poppy seeds. I hope you spent the holiday fun. Yours, hi!
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi Sean how are you?
Thank you for your letter and I must apologize that I didn't answer. You asked me about my Christmas so I will tell you:)
Christmas is proceded by many days of preperations. We decorated our christmas tree of chains, coloured lamps etc. I love it! Always I decorate tree with my elder sister. It's fun! Next we helped our mum in the kitchen. We made a cheesecake. It's delicious! Ok enough...Next I will tell about our Christmas customs. In Christmas Eve(24th December) when we take seats at the table we can't forget of leaving an empty place for an unexpected guest. We always must share the holy wafer. In the table we have always twelve dishes. There are red borsch, sour cabbage with mushrooms, carps, cheescake and a boiled wheat with poppy seeds and honey served on Christmas Eve. It's delicious!! I love it!! I ate all dishes! Which I like most? Of course Polish sour cabbage with mushrooms. It's the best food I've ever eaten. You must try it!
After Christmas Eve, at midnight we go to church to attend a special mass during which Christmas carols are sung.
Ok if you have more questions about my Christmas, please, ask me. I will tell you :) Kisses, xyz

To jest tylko o wigilii, jeśli chcesz jeszcze o innych dniach to pisz.