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Dialogue about animals:
Ladybug: Hi Bee. How do there from honey, you have a lot of ambrosia?
Bee: About Hi Ladybug. So a lot of, because many beautiful flowers are. And how do there at You?
Ladybug: Day flies somehow. I have birthdays today.
Bee: About this best of luck. You will show your new dot?
Ladybug: Just bright it is after left side.
Bee: What she pretty.
Ladybug: Thanks.
Bee: Just good, I do not anything za long I come back to work. To sight.
Ladybug: And I fly to house. Hi.
A ; Hi ! Have you got a pet ?
B; Hi ! Yes I have got a dog he is very friendly , i very like he .
He name's is Max , He have brown fur and very long tail . And you have some animal ?
A; Yes I have a cat she name's is Angela . I very like her , she have a white fur and very big and green eys.
B; For it very great