Potrzebuje, zeby ktos mi napisał odpowiedz na ten pytania, w sensie opowiadanie krótkie
1. What's your favourite dish?
2. What's ingredients do you need to prepare it?
3. How do you make it?
4. How do you sene it?
Prosze mam tpo na jutro..Będe wdzięczna



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. My favourite dish is spaghetti.
2. To prepare spaghetti I need only long noodle, Bolonese sauce and some spices.
3. The first I put noodle to deep pot with boiling water. In meanwhile I can do my sauce. I take second pot and I give there some water and add this our sauce from sachet.
If I need I add also some spices. I must to mix my noodle and sauce. After 4 minutes my dinner is ready.

a tego 4 zadania nie rozumiem;P