U r staying in Weymouth. U have an English penfriend who lives quite near. Your landlady has given u tickets to a show at the local theatre and u would like your friend to join u. Write a semi-formal letter to your friend's parents about the event.
- Introduce yourself and say what u r doing in Weymouth.
- Say what the event is and explain how you've got tickets.
- Explain how to travel and arrange a suitable place to meet.
- Use the advertisement and the notes below to write your letter.

Event: a musical. Free tickets.
Day: Friday evening - early show.
Travel: take the 4 p.m. train
Meet: outside the station at 5.15
Food: quick fish and chip supper or pizzas after the show before train at 10.15
Time expected home: just after II - hope that isn't too late. It is holiday time!

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