This is a story of the happiest day in my life. It was 1st October 1991. I woke up in my small, circular, tight 'bed'. I didn't have any plans. Maybe the only one... I had to stretch my long, thin, pink 'threads', which were fixed to my body. However, it was difficult.
I was staying in my bed and I was thinking about the present. Then I suddenly felt something pressing my "down threads", which were fixed to my body. That wasn't nice..
Later, someone or something pulled me to unknown direction. I neither have a power nor anything which could give me life. Immediately, I realized I was trapped. In front of me a door opened. I saw a light. It was very strange. I found myself in an unknown place, among strange people. They were cold and unpleasant. Queer shapes looked at me. They had big eyeballs and were uttering some sounds.
Within seconds it turned out that I am a human. I had got hands, a head and legs. I was already able to speak and walk. I had got a family and I was very happy. That strange encounter gives me a lot of merriment in my present life.