Christmas start on Christmas Eve. These is a day when nost families decorate their Christams tree. The most important part of the day is the evening, when people share a Christmas Wafer and wish everybody all the best for the future. Then table has a white tablecloth with some hay under it. The hay remind us of Jezus and where he was born. There is always an extra plate in cose someone comes unexpectedly. On that particular night everybody is welcome in your house. There are usually 12 dishes. There is no meat, but there is a lot of fish usually, fried carp. There is also dumplings ( a cabbage dish ), Christmas Borsch ( beetroot soup ) and traditional saverkraut with cabbage and mushrooms. It is a tradition that you must try every dish. there are a lot of sweet things Ginger cake and everybody's favourite: Poppy seed cake! We drink a traditional drink made from dried fruit. Al midnight we go mto the midnight miss. We pray and sing to celebrite the birth od Baby Jezus. ;)
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