Imagine that you have had a hit record. Order the questions. Then invent answers.

1. are/who/the instruments/by/played/?
2 it/when/was/relased/?
3 who/by/it/was/written/?
4 recorded/was/where/it/?
5 will/on MtV/ your video/shown/be/?
6 banned/do you think that/will/be/your song/?

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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.By who the instruments are played ?
They are played by a big band
2. When was it released ?
It was releasted three weeks ago in June.
3. By who it was written ?
By a famous singer Alicia Keys.
4. Where was it recorded ?
In the small studio .
5. Will your video be shown on MTV ?
Yes, I think so.
6. Do you think that your song will be banned ?
No, the song hasn't got abuses or other thing like that.
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