Ułoz historie.Odpowiedz na ytanie ktore sa w nawiasietak aby powstała historyjka .

One day (when?) I was in (where) I was with (who) it was (weather) we were (doing what) we were (doing what) when suddenly we heard (what noise) we went( where) and we saw a (what ghost0 in 9what clothes) It/ he she (doing what) we felt(how) and we (did what) then we (did what) in the end we told (who) about the ghost They 9did lub didn't)belive us
bede wdzieczna za szybka odpowiedz i dobra :)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
One day in evening I was in home with my friend.It was rainy and cloudy.
We were watched Tv when suddenly we heard a strange sound.
We went to the cellar and we saw a frghteningly phantom.It looked at us. We felt dread
and we escaped. Then we went to my mother's room.In the end we told my parents about the ghost.
They didn't belive us!

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