Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hey.I need to tell about my last weekend.
Day 1.
I was in mountains.Me and my family drove to Zakopane to Friday at 4:00 pm o clock.(4:00 o'clock bo w angielskim nie ma takich godzin jak 16:00,17:00 itp..)
Road was very long, plugs were.We have gotten on place at 10:00 pm o'clock.Next we went sleep at 11:00 pm o'clock.At mornig we have stood up at 9:00 am o'clock.My mum do breakfast and we ate this.At 11:00 am o'clock we drove to Mariene Eye.Road to this place has 9 kilometers.Me and my family must went 4 hour but this place is exquisite.Later we made photos.Next we went to three crowns.This road was too long but it was beautiful.At 5:00 pm o'clock we drove to home.At 6:30 pm we were in home.I get shower, ate supper and go sleep.
Day 2.
Me and my family have stood up at 10:00 am o'clock.We ate breakfast and rode to National Park in Zakopane.We observed animals and mountains.This place was beautiful.At 1:00 pm o'clock we rode to Krupówki.I bought oscypek.It is very tasty.
Next we drove on ski extraction.I was afraid to rode this but my brother has encouraged to this.Next we drove on ski slope.Me and My family played very.At 6:0O pm o'clock we have packed baggage and drove to home.

It was wery funny weekend
My last weekend was full of work.
Mum woke me up at 7 am, on sunday. She opened a window in my room and went downstair. I heard vacuum cleaner's noise. "So we're gonna clean house today"- i sighed and went to the bathroom. I was looking really bad. Red eyes, hair in mess.... After ten minutes I was eating breakfast, when my father yelled at me. He was talking something about my clothes- pajama- and time, but I didn't care about that. I was in small beautiful world, where everyone was sleeping.
But it was too beautiful- soon my bowl where were cereal few second ago, was empty, so i had to help others i cleaning.
Dust,windows, coach, sofa... My to-do list was very long... Day was passing by and the sky was getting darker and darker. adequately on the passing time, my mood was also getting better and better, because I had less things to do with every hour.
Finally whole house was clean and I some time for myself. It was quite late, about 23.30 p.m. but I wanted to chat with my friends, so I sat on my bed with laptop on knees and based on wall.
Saturday had a very bad beginning. When I opened my eyes, I felt a great pain going through my body. I groaned and tried to stand up, but unexpectedly I felt something fell from my knees and landed on floor loudly. My eyes got wider, when I realized what was that- my laptop! Luckily nothing bad happened to him, just got some scraps. I was sure, that in next five minutes someone will come to me and ask what happened, but nothing happened. Just beautiful silence. Going to my parent's room I realized I slept in clothes! God, I was so tired, when I was chatting with friends so I didn't even know when I fell asleep. Finally I entered my parent's room quietly and found them sleeping also in clothes on their bed. I smiled evilly and changed into pajama. When I was covering myself with warm quilt I was thinking how beautiful was that moment.