Napisałam taki tekst (opowiadanie), bardzo proszę o sprawdzenie go i poprawienie błędów :)

It was Friday morning, the 6th of December. The day seemed to be very
nice. I was preparing to go to school. Then at 7.45 while I was walking to school I
saw a very nice boy from my school, but suddenly I slipped on ice and fell
down. 'What a bad luck'- I thought but he came to me and helped me to get up. He said that he would be my companion while walking to school because he was going there too. When we got there he asked me on a date. Of course, I agreed without he station. I liked him really much. Now I can say it was the most beautiful day in my life, and what is interesting, I succeeded in all the lessons and got 5 in Maths.
Let there be more such days.



Wydaje mi się że wszystko jest dobrze!!