Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
It is often said that religious people usually behave better than non-religious people. One might ask, why so? Once looking into the phenomenon, we find that the answers are simple. Religious people have moral boundaries set upon them by their religion and so are more keen to keep to the ones set by the community or culture. They are happy to keep to laws, or any kind of rules for that matter, e.g. those in games. Non-religious people however have to make up a moral system of their own. It is for them to decide if what they see is wrong or right. Of course they are influenced by their parents and culture but are far more less demanding towards themselves than people religious who had their “laws” put upon them in some way. Often non-religious people feel as if they have no morality at all. They are keen to find out other ways to push their boundaries even more, to see to what extent they can let themselves go, in contrast to a religious person who will possibly control himself e.g. when with his partner in fear of consequences to which he might be condemned if he does wrong on earth.
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