Ania - What kind of music do you like?
Marta - I listen to rap and r 'n' b.
Ania - Oh really? I thought that mostly boys listen to does types of music.
Marta - What do you listen to then?
Ania - I just love Lady Gaga and Lily Alen. Thye're my favorite singers.

Tomek - Do you like dancing Kasia?
Kasia - Oh yes, I love it. I could dance every day. And you?
Tomek - Yes, me too. But I prefer ballroom dancing.
Kasia - Do you?
Tomek -Yes, I go to dance lessons with my partner three times a week.

Ewelina - Why aren't you coming to John's party Monika?
Monika - I can't stand parties to tell you the truth.
Ewelina - Do you? I enjoy most of them. Nut I never know what to buy as a present.
Monika - Me neither!

Michael - Yeah! It's friday! Are you coming to the club with us tonight Magda?
Magda - No, I'm busy. I still haven't done that essay for Monday.
Michael - Oh what a shame. What about you Grzesiek?
Grzesiek - Sorry, I can't make it too. I have a date tonight.
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