Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Electric: We very much often use electrical apparatuses.
Experimental: Mainly experiments are being done on rabbit.
Musical: I like to watch musical performances.
Powerful: When I'm exercising I'm feeling powerful.
Relaxed: After a hard day I like to relax.
Monotonous: The life sometimes is monotonous.
Attractive: I could see the attractive offer for holidays.
Logical: Logic is useful on mathematics and physics.
Energetic: I'm very energetic.
Moody: Sometimes my family is romantic.
Thoughtful: When you are doing something think it over.
Enjoyable: Is enjoyable to see someone's smile.
Nervous: I'm nervous when for me something isn't coming out.
Wonderful: Today was a wonderful weather.
Talented: I'm very talented.
Artistic: My friend has artistic abilities.
Skilful: I'm good skilful physically.