WRITE a similar e-mail about you. Write four paragraphs

PH 1 name, mationality, age, family, work/study
PH 2 physical appearance
PH 3 personality
PH 4 Hobbiest and interests

mam na imię kamil, mam 16 lat uczę się w LO jestem z Polski moje miasto to Racibórz

2 PH może być zmyślony
3 PH broząwe oczy, lekko długie włosy, 176 wzrostu, 55 kg wagi
$ PH może być zmyślony



My name is Kamil and I'm sixteen years old. I live in Racibórz in Poland with my family. We live in e big house in the countryside.
I go to Secondary school.
I have brown eyes , medium length hair. I am tall and slim. I weigh 55 kg and measuring 176 cm.
I am a cheerful person and I like to help others. I'm clever but I often lazy. I try to be nice, but sometimes when I'm snippy worse days.Generally I am calm person.
I like basketball and I good at. I love scorpions and animals. I;ve got three cats, two rabbits and a scorion. I lovee looking and am never bored when I'm near my animals. I'm very Interested in music. I play in the school band on guitar. I like that very much.
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