-I like pop music.
-me too.
-dancing is cool.
-I prefer football.
-In Poland political we have parties.
-yea,he's right.
-What do you think about student's clubs?
-I love them!

-Did u heard new Eminem Album?
-No I can't find that in any music shop
- You can buy one by the internet
- Really?, thats fantastic, thanks for your help
- No problem, see you later
- Bye


-Hi, David
- Hi, Sue
- Do you go to Christmas Dancing tomorrow?
- Oh no I forgot about that, Can i still buy ticket for that
- Yes, come to social area on lunch time
- ok i will, how much its cost
- 3 pounds
- Ok thatns very much, I have to go now, bye
- Good bye


-Hello Donald
-Hi Miki
-Do you know that students make a parties list
-no, how its works
-That person which make party at the weekend sing in on that list and then everyone know that she make party.
-Oo thats nice idea meaby i Will sing in is well

-Hello Mrs.Green
-Hi Mark
- Do you know when are the student's clubs?
- Yes, for 5th years pupils its starts on Monday at 4pm, for 6th pupils its starts on Tuesday at 4 pm
-Thanks very much for your help
-No problem
-Hi Tom
+Oh hi James!
-What;s are You doing?
+I listen to new album Pink. It's great.
-You like her music?
+yes of coure I love it.
I- prefer a rock music, but Pink is preety good heh..

---Nessa could You meet with me after school?
+++Sorry, but I have teaching dance after school
----Really? and what types of dance we learn?
+++Everythink:) for example the last time we learn a Viennese Waltz or Salsa. i have really goood time there.
---It's fantastic Could I go to You today?
+++Yes of course. Teaching dance is Free and everybody can sign up
---ok. great In that case we meet after the school.


----Hi Jim, What are You doing tonight?
++++++++Actually nothing. Why you ask?
---Because I have proposed for you:0
My friends Marta organizes parties and I do not have to go with someone, so I think you go with me..
+++++Sure.. You know I like parties and I not have plans tonight so we meet tonight to Marta;s ok?
----ok. Thanks. See you later

Studen;s pub

-Patt I do not know This city and today I would like to go somethink Student's pub Could help me?
++Yes of course I know this city very well. So mayby I do my homework and we go together.I show you sth good pub. The
-ok thank's a lot.So I not disturbing you. see you later.