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Wszysttkie wskazówki jakie mam to :

3.Imagine you are on holiday somewhere in Poland. Make
notes about what activities you are doing. Use the words
in the box or your own ideas.

-buy souvenirs
-go skiing/cyctin g/walking/swim min g, etc.
-go shopping
-go up a talt buitding/tower
-spend the day on .../at ...
-stay at a hotel/youth hostel/campsite
-take a boat trip on a river/lake
-visit a museum/gatlery/church/zoo, etc.

4.Write a postcard of about 50-70 words to an English speaking
friend. Use your notes from exercise 3 and the plan
to help you.

-talk about where you are, the weather and if you are
enioying yourself
-say what you did yesterday
-say what your plans are for today/tomorrow .
-say when you're coming home

Jeśli da ktoś radę ;D Będę wdzięczna:D
PS.treśc po polsku tez się przyda



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!

I'm on the holidays in Gdańsk. It's a beautiful city with preety beach and many monuments. the weather is fantastic.
I'm there with my family. Yesterday I bought many souvenirs and visited a museum. Then I went to the beach and i get sunbathe.
Tommorow I'm going to go to the trip to Sopot.
I have a great time there, but I'm going to home after four days.
I miss you.
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