Napisz pocztówkę z wakacji. Pocztówka ma składać się z odpowiedzi na te pytania;
1)Were are you?
2)Were are you with?
3)What's the water like?
4)What do you do every day?
5)What are you doing at the moment?
6)What did you do yesterday?
Do you like your holidays?Why?Why hot?

Można dodać coś od siebie.
Myśle że każdy wie o co mi chodzi;D
Z góry dzienki



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi ... (wstawisz imie)

I'm and my friend having a great time in London, Though the weather isn't very good. We're staying at a small hotel near the Tower of London.

We went for a ride on the London Eye yesterday morning. The view from the top was fantastic! This afternoon we're taking a boat trip on the Thames and tomorrow we're going bought some gifts in Oxford.

our's holidays it's fantastic. I knew a new places and i met a new people.

I'll be back next week and hope to see you soon!

Bye for now !
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