Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My ball is next to my bike
My cat is on the sofa
My bike is in garage
My dall is on the shelf
The picture is on the desk
My pen is on the desk
My dog is on the box
My computer is on the desk
Tree is in front of my house
My T-shirt is on the armchair
5 4 5
1.The lamp is next to the copmuter.
2.The table is under the window.
3. I live in the USA.
4. The post office is next to the theatre.
5. My mum works in bank.
6. The park is on the left.
7.The TV is beside the desk.
8. Bird was fly above the glade.
9. It was on the corner of West Street and Main Street.
10. My house is between church and school.
5 4 5