San Francisco, shakes a wave of brutal killings. Satan from the mist, as the killer has been named by local media has already killed six families torturing them in a strange, very brutal way. The police are powerless, and the investigation conducted by Arnie Knudsen did not bring any results but growing thicker and growing piles of documentation files. The victims of the killer seems to choose randomly, you can not find any witnesses or motives. When it comes to another crime Dan Burroughs refer the matter to Larry Foggia, hoping that he unveiling of her. Satan from the mist, however, does not care about whether it is caught at the time of the killings, or to hide their identity or intentions.
In a short time, Larry begins to orient themselves, the whole affair has a strong connection with the occult. All clues lead to the Black Brotherhood, a very dangerous occult groups.
Unfolding of events, Larry is not able to comprehend in a logical way, so calls to the medium Will Fraser, who is convinced that Satan from their crimes through the fog trying to call something much more terrible than himself. In a short time, convinced that "it is already very close - they have less and less time.
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