Proszę o pomoc w napisaniu 4 wypracowań
1.My Likes and Dislikes (do100 zn)
2.My Favourite Place in Poland.(60 znaków)
3. Holidays in Poland(100 zn)
4. Where would I like to live and work.Why:(70 zn) z tym że za znak uważamy słowo
Proszę bardzo pomóżcie mi nie porzysyłajcie pustych rozwiązań od tego zależy moja ocena semestralna



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1. I like doing many things. I like sleeping long in the morning and going to bed late. I like watching TV for a long time. I like reading comics and teenage magazines. I love computer games; I can play them for hours.
I like fast food a lot; my favourites are: cheeseburger and chips. I also like sweets, especially chocolate and jellies.
I love sport. I like playing basketball, swimming and skiing. I like reading magazines about sport.
There also some things which I don't like doing. I don't like visiting my grandparents - they are so boring. They only talk about politics and ask me about school and my marks all the time. And I don't like kissing Aunt Wiesia when she comes to visit us. I don't like playing with my little sister (although sometimes it can be nice).
I don't like eating cabbage and onions and I hate drinking milk. My mum thinks milk is very healthy but I don't think so!
I don't like cleaning my room and helping my mum in the kitchen, but most of all I hate studying history!

2. In the Kraków there are lots of places which you can see. In Kraków there are many monuments. There is a big castle called Wawel. Below the castle there is "Dragon Cave". In Kraków there is a big market square. There is the Cloth Hall. In the Cloth Hall you can buy souvenirs, jewellery, clothes and many other things. In Kraków there are many shops and supermarkets so you can do shopping very easily. There is a great choice of goods of every kind. The shops are open until late so don't worry that you wouldn't come before clossing time. Wxcellent places where you can do many things is a Kraków. There is a very much entertaiment. You can choose between discos, cinemas and theatres. You can go to a pub, cafe. You can go to a restaurant with a group of friends or just for a romantic date. There are delicious desserts and made a traditional recipe. Kraków is very beautiful. It is a wonderful city.

PS Za oba dostałam 6 :)
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