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All Saints' Church in Gliwice - Gliwice parish church in the district of downtown.
The Church is located on the old town of Gliwice.

The church is Gothic, brick, tile pool. The chancel is enclosed on three sides. Baroque altar and pulpit, wooden. Gothic church tower, perfectly visible from the square. The height of the tower with the cross is about 63 m (the same cross, about 3 meters) from spring to autumn, the tower is made available to tourists. From the observation deck (57.5 m) (279.5 m above sea level), with good visibility, you can see Mount St. Anne, Western Beskydy bandwidth, and bandwidth Jeseniky. At the top of the tower there is a large cross set up in 1950 with the 700th anniversary of the establishment of Gliwice.

In the church there are many valuable relics, such as images, monstrance, reliquaries, liturgical vessels and beautiful main altar and two side altars and pulpit, which come from the Baroque period.

The first mention of the church dates back 1250 years.

In the years 1929-1942 the church was completely renovated. Then just received its current appearance.
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