My name is Ewelina I live in small city called Krasnik. I have a small family there is only fife of us.
I'm 21, my sister Wiola is 20, my second sister Justyna is 18, my mum is 42 and my father is 45.
Wiola is short. She has got round blue eyes and blond straight hair.Her face is square. When she is shy or
embarrassed she has got blush.I think that this is cute , but she doesn't really like her cheek.
She's like wearing fashionable and colourful and she's love supplement like earring or belt. I think she is pretty.
Justyna still is study in a high-school, she's beautiful girl, she has got long dark hair and brown eyes.
She's tall and thin, She is so friendly and lively that why she always wants to know new people. I think that she is
also romantic. Her favourite style is trendy. She like big bag, colourfull t-shirt and scarf.
My mum Beata has got short black hair, hayze eyes, round face and big mounth. She's a tailor and she makes
really beautiful clothes. Sometimes if i ask her she makes somethink for me. She like wearing practical, but sometimes
also glamorous. She's always hard-working and very helpful.My father live and work in Scotland.
We really love each other. Sometimes we have also bad days but i think it is normal in family.

potrzebuje tylko dowiedziec sie czy to jest dobrze :)