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Management choose after incorporating by provincial registered court (trial) in geshuv of local touristic organization with headquarters (seat) in (to) in day during meeting of group in hall of counsel of office of city in (to) 5 july " beshyadas " Sanoku inicjatywnej Lesku. They have entered in (to) its (his) composition (warehouse) mr. leshek will will emerge chairman ( ) Tomaszkiewicz in (to) - chief department promotion office city Sanoku, mr. jacek ( chairman ) Łeszega V-ce - guidebook (guide) beskidas and chief information center Bieszczadzkiego and in (to) promotion bottom Ustrzykach, mr. wojciech ( chairman ) Orłowski V-ce with (from) - guidebook (guide) beskidas Uherzec and executive member of district starosty in (to) Lesku, mr. roman with (from) secretary ( ) Glapiak Dźwiniacza - chairman association agrotouristic " galician farm hospitable - beshyadas ", mr. krzysztof treasurer ( ) Praizner - guidebook (guide) beskidas and chairman of department (squad) in (to) polish toutist country-lover's association " land (earth) " Sanocka Sanoku, mr. andrzej Betlej - gmina Wójt Zarszyn and mr. andrzej Radwański - guidebook (guide) beskidas and in (to) chairman association guidebook (guide) touristic " carpathian " V-ce Sanoku as executive members. Mr. andrzej will lead (drive) with (from) work 5 -personal auditing committee head ( ) Gąsiorowski Leska - guidebook (guide) beskidas and secretary of agrotouristic association " galician farm hospitable - beshyadas ". They have entered in (to) its (her) composition (warehouse) also mr. tadeush with (from) Nabywaniec Sanoka - guidebook (guide) beskidas, mr. yan with (from) Stelmach Łukawicy - guidebook (guide) beskidas, mr. eugeny with (from) Urbaniak Uherzec - chairman village administrator bieszczadzkich and mr. Łukasz Dawidowski with (from) - businessman salt Tyrawy. It includes beshyadas LOT (FLIGHT; LOT) coverage of operation 3 administrative districts bieszczadzki, leski and sanocki. Conviction of local council (government) is purpose i.e. authorities of gminas and 3 administrative districts and from touristic sector (trade) for cooperation in range of economic development businessmen Bieszczadów. Common elaboration of vision is essential in this purpose " future " Bieszczadów and elaboration of common strategy of their touristic development (evolution). All administrative districts and gminas have accepted tourism as main direction of operation of self-governed authority in strategies of development (evolution) bieszczadzkie and they have made in this range by the reason of incompetence of officer a few, councilors and ordinary laziness. In next years 2007 direct become (stay) on development (evolution) eastern (eastern) with (from) big center (means) helpful - 2013 part < frequent > polish < poland > UE. It is not may (is not allowed) to waste it chance. If inhabitants of regions will go in closest self-governed choice (election) to gminas and administrative districts of conversant councilors, on tourism specialists knowing and economy, it will will emerge in touristic favor (services) many work-places. So, tourism is sole chance for this region. It will build nobody in beshyadas factories already if (or) wood combines. Therefore, it is necessary to elaborate vision commonly " future " madrą Bieszczadów, from all over the world visitors for which (who) care to arrive. But main and here nature is biggest treasure of region tourists attracting and it is not may (is not allowed) to blast its (her). Today's strategies of development of (evolution of) gminas and must be based on resource administrative districts -cultural region naturally and to have behavior of this heritage on purpose for future generations. Then veins of next generations will be from tourism dignified and must not search young people out of personal country work. Many are for making in beshyadas. Serve able from ways for touristic staff (cadre; frames) not only tourist polish, and also and out of border. It is necessary to train specialists urgently, elaborate offers of stays in region and individual localities, first of all, promote it (them) on internet part in (to) several professionally languages english ( and russian ), make network hardened and viewing bicycle routes leading near way poboczy and for footpathes simultaneously służacych, network hardened stand , marked well < goods (right) > and developed routes of mountain pedestrians, spacerowych and -didactic paths naturally, winter route ski spacerowych, beaches and over bays kapielisk, build as on slovakia basin ( kilkanascie termalnych and ) Węgrzech, especially in cities -recreation complexes sports, sanatoria and cure eastern (eastern) carpathians on edges of international reservations of biospheres " ". Our must become (stay) from bushes expensive (dear) < way > urgently odsłonięte and zarośli, in order to they did not draw branches on roadway outstanding varnish of car and autobusow. Tourist wants to admire landscape beautiful (fine) < beauty > and it is necessary to reveal it at communication routes permanently < steel >. Pavements of ways in period of winter and parkings must be cleared of snow and keep (maintain) stand in (to) from lowlands guaranteeing safety newcomer. It with (from) many requirements handful only and by hosts of regions of problems unnoticed (unremarked). Founders and chosen authorities will convict beshyadas as very for requirement of cooperation for achievement of big material benefit from tourism LOT (FLIGHT; LOT) inhabitants of regions profitable branch of economy. Self-governed authorities must apprehend, that tourist does not arrive for gmina if (or) for region administrative district cure it it cure for region to beshyadas -. So, it is necessary to promote region and develop commonly. Publishing folderków and maps of gminas if (or) administrative districts, this ejection of money of taxpayer to slush! But has it enough ignoring already and incompetence. Leave highest time anticipation (prejudice) and funny distribution ( district ). It is necessary to sit down at common table urgently and search manners on winning with (from) other region touristic ( konkurecją e.g. beskidas low ) if (or) slovakia and ukraine. Lack of representative of gmina and on 2 for region with management of polish touristic organization administrative districts important meetings very bieszczadzkich and last time < last > economies with (from) minister Vice and it seems to be on irony sub-carpathian governor. There is proof of lack of interest as chance for this region tourism and inhabitant . It was on today's electoral assembly LOT (FLIGHT; LOT) beshyadas 1 gmina ( ) wójt Zarszyn, secretary of gmina bottom Ustrzyki, representatives of offices of cities in (to) 3 Sanoku, secretary of district committee in (to) state sanitary supervision Sanoku and executive member of district starosty in (to) Lesku. Shows it? About lack of interest only ? About non-liability for development of (evolution of) local community as well as? Let's have hope, that in future after november choice (election) - otherwise, there will be -. We invite representatives of touristic sectors (trades) for cooperation and in specialistic groups for achievement of benefit engagement LOT (FLIGHT; LOT) and deployment of firm. We invite able young people, city mieszkańcow and villages, foresters and graduates of schools and for making of contact in chosen college management and with ideas to creation of personal firm inclusion (participation) < include (switch on) > and in touristic favor (services) work-places and to creation of vision " future " Bieszczadów.
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Lesko Stone is on the lofty hill (445m) in a village near Lesko GLINNE (Carpathian region), the right side of the road to Lower Ustrzyk. The rock is called. ostańcem, "protected" as a monument of inanimate nature. Leski stone is coarse-grained sandstone outcrops ± kronieńskiego, hard and resistant to weathering. The main rock rises about 20 m above the culmination of the hill. Has a somewhat odd shape ± cy They will both result of erosion and human activities.
From the north side was once a quarry, after which the remaining deep trough and a high rock excavation ¶ wall. At the top of the rock is an iron cross erected in 1978.
Already in 1937 the rock was considered subject to ± creature your protection. ¶ Four years earlier the authorities issued a ban on quarrying in the vicinity of the rock because it threatened its collapse. Probably due to this stone was saved and survived to this day.
Climbing exploration history dates back to the Stone Zaleski not so distant years dziewięćdziesi ± of the last century, when, in 1992, and Jacek Jacek Is Trzemżalski insurers considered ± the way today for one of the most beautiful roads ± Podkarpackie. This route was ± year later, presented by Jacek Czyz and see ± cz retrospect, named not without reason, Promised Land (VI.3). In 1994 Waldemar and Andrzej Stanisz Flint marked out the path cypresses and Mosquitoes (VI) and to the present day cult ± ¶ way Bieszczady
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