Love story...

She was my first love . I will never forget the moment which we met.Let's start. It happened about two months ago. I went on holiday with my best friends. We went to the Spain. The weather was beautiful all time but it wasn't good on that day. It was eveing when I went on the sea alone because my friends went on the beach party. I bought a big ice-cream and walked on the beach . I was writing a SMS when a girl fell on me. Unfortunately I didn't see her when I was writing a SMS. She was the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen. I started to apologize but she forgived me.The conversation started alone. We were talking all evening . I knew that she is from my city from Warsaw ! We gave each other our telephone numbers and we met the next day. We met in my hotel and I must tell that i fell in love with her. We were kissing and talking all day. We meet to now. I think she is the best candidant for my wife. I love her very much.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
That was 15 Jully 1998. I was in love in my girlfrned Jessica. We spent all the time together. Always for ever. Sometimes we were running from police but it is another story.. Anyway. Some day we were on the beach. We were playing volleball. Everything was fine. After few minutes we dicaded to take a break. So we did it. I try to slept beacuse the sun was schining and the wether was very good. My girl went to the toilet. In this time i finally slept. When I woke up I couldn't see my girlfriend. I didn't know where she was. But at first i searched in toilet. I was scared.I started to lose my mind. I didn't know what to do... And than I saw her with another guy. They were really close.First i felt angry. Second i felt someting like dissappoint. But i did first step in their side. When i was close my girl started smile to me. I didn't know what it is. "is she joking with me?" I asked what it mean. And she sad that, he is her brother and she didn''t see him for a long time. I was suprised. She want me to sit next to her. She huged me. In that time i felt pure love to her.
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Fist time a saw him in his gardem. I was walkin dawn the street when he was cuutin grass. i just looked at him and i knew, tah his the most fantastic men i've ever seen. he has the most beautiful eyes i've ever seen brown and had something i like. and at the same moment i fell down. it wasn't nice as in this stupid tomantic films. i looked at him nervous. oh no! he saw that! but he wasn't laughing at me. he ran to me and aksed was everything ok. he smiled to me and i couldn't said anything. this is fuuny stpry wich i will remember for ever and about i'm thinking now, near my boyfriend wich i met in his garden... mam nadzieję, że może być:-) pozdro:*** przepraszam, że z boyfriendem, ale miałam już takie zrobione na moje zad. dom. wystarczy zmienić na girl:-)