Napiszcie mi krótkie informacje o Polsce ale PO ANGIELSKU (2-3 zdania na każde zagadnienie) :
1) religia ( ok. 2-3 zd )
2) tradycje (ok. 3 zdań)
3) klimat ( ok. 2 zdań)
4) położenie ( wystarczy jedno zdanie )
5) potrawy (2-3 zdania)

z góry dzięki ;)



Wprowadzenie: :D
Poland is very interesting coutry with fascinating history, culture, traditions and language.
4. It's a country in central Europa and it is bordered by: ,Gemnany, Czech Republik, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania. To the north by Baltic Sea.
3. In Poland there is a mild climate: summers are warm with temperature between 19- to even 30*C. Winters are colder (to -15 *C). That's the continental climate.
2. Poland is very modern country but it has got also many traditions. Poles are very family people: all the hollydays, for example: Christmas they are spedning together with their families. Poppy seed cake, beet soup, prune dumplings and noodles with poppy seed are universally polish dishes on Christmas Eve. There are having many different customs, for example: Dozynki - Harvest Day, June 23rd - St. John’s night or November 29th - Eve of St. Andrew’s Day (Andrzejki).
1. Poland is also religious country. Most of people go to the church on Sunday and that's their free day. Chilrden have got religion at school too. In Poland there is a lot of Holy Days.
5. When we are speaking about Poland we can't forget about delicious polish cuisine. It is rich of meat, potatos and many kind of noodles. Poles like spices, fruits and vegetables too. Traditionally polish dishes are: pierogi, bigos, flaczki (tripe soup) :D and most of cakes. Poles like to eat and prepare meals together. :)
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