Mam napisać list po angielsku o wakacjach albo cos i w tym liście mają być odpowiedzi do tych pytań :
* Where are you going to go ? Who with ? For how long?
*How are you going to get there ?
*Where are you going to stay ?
*What are you going to do on your holiday ?

Proszę aby to nie było z internetu ;-] i mam to na jutro więc <proszę> ;p



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear ........,

What are you going to do this summer? I'm going to go to Łeba , by car with my family. I'm going to go to Łeba for 1 week! Tomarrow I'm going to go shopping, becouse I must buy a swimming suite and a sunglasses!
In Łeba, I'm going to do a lot of fantastic things. On first day of my holidays I'm going to to tour town. Next day I'm going to go to beach and swim in the sea. I'm going to visit an aqua park and a museum, too! I hope I have good time in Łeba.
How about you? Write and let me soon.

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