Najlepsza Odpowiedź!

I'm writing this letter, because i want to give my opinion about this article. I want to say my opinion about some points.

First is about encouring us to be lazy. Yes, we could do a lot of exercises in this time when we watch tv.
Second is about giving trivial version of the news. Sometimes, on news, we hear about unimportant evens. We listen about 'what prime minister was doing during the christmas' but they don't talk about catastrophes, what could be more important.
Third is about don't using our brains. And it's the truth. We even go to the internet for the easiest stuffs (as biography for instance) when we could rewrite it from encyclopedy.
Last one is about teaching little, young kids that violence is the best solution. I think it's gibberish. Violence is a terrible thing and it's usually shown on TV shows, cartoons or news.

I tried to explain why TV is bad for us. Wish it was a good essay.

Sorki jak za krótki :[ Starałam się jak najwięcej napisać, jak najprostrzym słownictwem.