Napisz list do znajomego z Wielkiej Brytanii, który przyjeżdża do ciebie na najbliższe wakacje. W treści listu:
- przeproś, że długo nie pisałeś i podaj powód
- napisz 2-3 zdania o swoim mieście i porównaj je z Londynem
- opisz dokładnie, gdzie mieszkasz
- podaj trzy rzeczy, które zaplanowałeś na czas jego pobytu.
Objętość listu 120 - 150 słów.

napisana musi byc po angielsku dzieki



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi Sean
I must apologize that I didn't answer your letter but my mum was in the hospital. She had a coronary...But I must share with you something :)
You'll come to me next summer :) it'll be fun. You've never been in Cracow so I must tell you something about my town. Ok how'd you know, there are a lot of historical monuments like Kościol Mariacki or Wawel. But we have Kopiec Kosciuszki too etc. etc. :) I would like to compare Cracow with London else. It's very dificult because Cracow is my family town and London is very amazing place. But I'll try. These towns are big, but they differ each other. London is very impulsive and "fast" town and Cracow is calm for me. I know there is much better for woman...why? there are many, many shops!! Yeah :P
You asked about my place of residence. I leave in the centre, in the flat with my family but we'll find a bed for you :):) Don't be afraid.
I planed some tings which we can do. First I'll show you all historical monuments, it's very necessity. Next we'll go to the big swimming-pool in Cracow. There a lot of slides which you like :) and of course we'll go to the Coke Live Music Festival. You always wanted to see Sean Paul so you'll see him this summer!!
Ok I must go, please answer what do you think about it :) Kisses, xyz

Chyba troszkę za dlugie ale skróc sobie jak chcesz