Complete the text with adjectives in the box. *attractive*attractive*dangerous*

Most people agree that the tall, blonde Hollywood actress, Jessica Simpson, is very _______. She has a very buusy lifestyle, but has a _______ attitude to her health. She always tries to eat a lot of _______ food, and she goes to the gym a lot, so Her body is __________. She’s very slim – not _______ at all – and she usually feels quite _______.
Another famous Simpson, Homer Simpson, has a very different lifestyle. Homer is perhaps most famous for his__________ diet and lifestyle. He eats a lot of fast food, which is_______ for his health. He often sleeps in front of the TV in the evening because he’s _______. Maybe his wife, Marge, thinks that he’s _____, but most people don’t.



A) attractive
b) energetic
c) healthy
d) strong
e) overweight
f) attractive
g) unhealthy
h) dangerous
i) tired
j) responsible
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