Musze napisać straszną historią w której odpowien na pytania zawarte w planie . Ma to być ok 60 zdań.

Paragraf 1 : Kiedy to się zdarzyło? Gdzie wtedy byłeś? Gdzie byli jacyś inni ludzie ?
Parafraf 2 : Co się dokładnie wydarzyło ?
Parafraf 3 : Co się zdarzyło na końcu ? Jakie były Twoje uczucia ?

Oczywiście ma to być po angielsku , ale wystarczy po polsku ;]



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi Collin
I would like to share with you something. It still worries me...What I'll say it will give you an accurate
picture of what had happened.
One month ago I walked to the library. I wanted to borrow a new Stephen King's book called: "Four past midnight".
I looked for the book, but it was nowhere to be found, and finally I found it in the local library...
When I walked, a car passed me at high speed, crashed into a wall and burst into flames. I was in a shock!
The crowd converged in all directions. A lot of them called the fire brigade and the ambulance. I was in shock that I couldn't
move. Then I saw a very strange man. He weared a black coat and a big hat. I couldn't see his face, but he behaved in a
rather peculiar way. He stayed in the background. Lots of people bustled near him but nobody observed him! He stayed and
keeped everything a watchful. He aroused my interest. When I looked into him, he caught sight of me in the crowd and what??
He smiled to me! I didn't know what i must to do. I heard an ambulance and looked into a car. When i looked again into a
strange man, he wasn't longer to be seen. I ran there. I couldn't see him! Then I saw his hat in a pavement. I picked up it
and i saw an owner in the door leading to the big building. He gave a nod of approval and he vanished without a trace. I have
never seen him again.

to jest moja praca domowa, wykorzystaj sobie ja do napisania wlasnej jesli chcesz. mysle ze troszke ci sie przyda. pozdrawiam