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"You Got Served" is a American musical, directed by Chris Stokes. It stars Marques Houston as Elgin and Omarion Grandberry as Dawid. The film nominated to Adward MTV in The Golden Popcorn as new and good actor - Omarion and best dance scene.
The film is set in USA. It was filmed on location in Los Angeles.
Elgin and David are the best friends from childhood. They govern and dancing on the best crew in their district in Los Angeles. Another crew from Orange Country to the challenges of their battle. During the fight, it appears that their friend has sold the opponent crew, dancing wuth them, and teaching dance steps Elgin and David crew. Lose 5 thousend. David and Elgin quarred and their crew falls. However, in the another battle in the final of 50 thousend. David and Elgin agree. Where fighting hated crew in Orange Country again and win over them and take all the money.
I strongly recommend "You Got Served" It has a memorable soundtrack. Track 'Pump it up' - Joe Budden'a is a masterpiece. In the film dans is a the hightest level.



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Tutaj powinno być David and Elgin are agree. A reszta przynajmniej moim zdaniem jest poprawna.