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Dear Heniek,
I'm writing to tell you about my wonderful holiday which I decided to spend in England. I have visited many cities, but finally I've stayed in London. I really enjoy this place! I love the people and atmosphere here. Here are such a lot things to see and places to visit, so it's not possible to get bored.
I have already visited many interesting places. But the most impressing and worth of seeing were Royal Castle, Big Ben and a stadium of Chelsea London - Stamford Bridge. Beautiful places which I eagerly recommend to everybody!
I stayed in Swan Hotel, which is cheap and comfortable. What is more, meals they served are rather tasty and rooms are kept in good conditions. Generally, everything is fine here and I'm very contented.
Unfortunately, the weather is bad. It's raining all the time. However, I do not care a lot about this and tomorrow I'm going to visit another places. I plan to have a long wander round the London and go to museums and art galleries. In the evening I would like to spend some time meeting new people in pubs, trying new kinds of food, enjoying the beauties of the night life in here.
Coming back soon! I will call you as soon as I get back home.
Dear Michael!
I am very sorry that I haven't written so much time to you because I don't have time I visited the many interesting places in London. Yesterday I was on a big bridge, I don't know what it's called but there came a terrible. I took a lot of pictures. Today I am going to the Cathedral of St. Paul, I really don't want to go there, but my mom takes me there that I learned something. In two days I'm going to Hyde Park. I'll do a few photos of the landscape.
I hope that you too are just as fun as I do on these holidays.
Yours, Robert.