Prepare a note for a new student at your school. Write down some information about four of these subjects.
a) lessons start - what time?
b) lessons in the morning - how many?
c) break - what time?
d) lunch - where? what time?
f) buy snack, drinks - where?
g) lessons finish - what time?
h) sports and games - what?where?when?

Nie zalezy mi na danych wprowadzonych w zadaniu tylko zeby bylo.



Hello. Welcome in our school. I wrote a piece of information for You.
In our school lessons starts at 8.15. We have break after every lesson, but the longest break starts after 4 lessons it means at 12. If you want to buy something to eat or drink you should go to the canteen. The lessons ends at 3 p.m.
I hope You will spend a very nice time in our school.
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A) [The lessons start at 8 o'clock everyday except Tuesday, when they start at half past ten.]
NOTE: lessons start : Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - 8:00, Tuesday - 10:30.

b)NOTE: No. of lessons in the morning: Monday - 3, Tuesday - 1, Wednesday - 4, Thursday - 3, Friday - 2

f) NOTE: Snacks/drinks - shop on 3rd floor, market next to the bus stop

g) NOTE: Lessons finish: Monday - 2pm, Tuesday - 5pm, Wednesday - 3pm, Thursday - 3pm, Friday - 2pm.

- Inferno
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