A: Hello.
B: Hello. How can I help you?
A: I'm looking for some fresh eggs, flour, butter and about 5 apples.
B: Here you have eggs, flour and butter, but apples you have to buy in some other store because we're already out of them.
A: OK, then How much will that be?
B: 5,99$ please.
A: Here you are. Thank you.
B: Thank you too. Good bye.
A: Good bye.

A: Good morning. Can I help you somehow?
B: Hello. I'm looking for some nice shoes size 40.
A: I think those would be the best choice for you.
B: Oh no, it's not in my type, I would like some more elegant.
A: Then the most suitable will be this one.
B: That's much better, those are really beatiful. How much it cost?
A: It's 45$. Is that ok for you?
B: Yes, I'll take them. Can you pack them for me?
A: Of course. That will be 45$.
B: Here you are.
A: Thank you and good bye.
B: Thank you, bye.
11 4 11
-Good Morning!
-Good Morning!
-Can I have a bread, eggs and butter ?
-Yes, of course.
-How many I am paying?
-Ok. Please.
-Thank you.

-Dzień dobry!
-Dzień dobry.
-czy moge prosic chleb , jajka i maslo?
-tak oczywiscie
-ile place?
-dobrze, prosze.
-do widzenia
-do widzenia.
10 4 10