Musze ułożyć zdania po angielsku z tymi słówkami.. Zdania mają być krótkie ;) : fancy , football practice ,can't stad , brilliant, main instrument , band , slow, actor <Harry Potter..xD haha> , modern life , come from , awful , science fiction , play , listen , singer.
Dziekii ;D i prosze :*



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. I would fancy going to the cinema tonight.
2.I often practice football after school.
3.I can`t stand my brother annoying me all the time.
4.I think that my teacher is brilliant !
5.I love music , my main and favourite instrument is guitar !
6.He sings in a rock band !
7.I am a really slow runner .
8.My favourite actor is Johny Depp.
9.Modern life is cool !
10.I come from Poland.
11.I think that he is awful !
12.I saw a science fiction movie last night.
13.I can play the piano well !
14.I often listen to pop music.
15.My favourite singer is Michael Jackson.

I co może być ? ;)
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