Zdania w stronie czynnej zamień na stronę bierną ( dopełnienie w stronie czynnej ( duże litery) zamień na podmiot w stronie biernej)

1. The inspector is interrogating ONE OF THE SUSPECTS
2. They had finished THE OFFICE BUILIDING by March 1999
3. A truck damaged MY VAN badly
4. All workers must read THE REGULATIONS
5. They were making BREAD
6. Brenda's sister is looking after MY DOUGHTER
7. Somebody asked THEM to keep quiet
8. They musn't touch THE EXHIBITS
9. They never laught at OUR JOKES
10.WHAT should I write in this report ?
11.Mark said that somebody had stolen HIS BICYCLE
12. Benjamin Britem compsed THIS SYMPHONY
13. His uncle gives HIM pocket money
14. His uncle gives him POCKET MONEY
15. A falling icicle has injured HER seriously



1. ONE OF THE SUSPECTS is being interrogated by the inspector.
2. THE OFFICE BUILIDING had been finished by march 1999.
3. MY VAN was damaged badly by a truck.
4. THE REGULATIONS must be read by all workers.
5. BREAD was being made by them.
6. MY DOUGHTER is being looked after by brenda's sister.
7. THEY were asked to keep quiet.
8.THE EXHIBITS musn't be touched (by them).
9. OUR JOKES are never laughed at by them (nie jestem pewna)
10. WHAT should be written in this report? (chyba :)
11. Mark said that HIS BICYCLE had been stolen.
12. THIS SYMPHONY was composed by Benjamin Britem.
13. HE is given pocket money by his uncle (dziwnie mi tu brzmi strona bierna :)
14. POCKETS MONEY are given to him by his uncle.
15. SHE has been injured seriously by a falling icicle.

mam nadzieję, że to jest dobrze i że się przyda ale jeśli nie jest, to może lepiej nie ryzykuj :p ;)

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