Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I would love to live in the USA. Why? Because this is one of my favourite countries. I always wanted to see New York or Los Angeles. My biggest dream is about see a "HOLLYWOOD" inscription. Besides in Los Angeles live a lot of famous people. I would love to live there, see them...I know it's sometimes imposible but I really want it.
One of the most important things is there is a really nice weather. Of course in Los Angeles or Miami. We know in New York is the same weather like in Poland.
I think that in the USA life is faster than in Europe. All the time there is something going on. I love that life. I will find one's feet there. I think that.

Niestety nie napisze na 200 słów bo już po prostu nie mam pomysłów :P dopisz sobie coś. Albo napisz mi na prywatną wiadomośc a ja Ci przetłumacze. Ok teraz UK.

I would like to live in the UK. Maybe the weather frighten a lot of people away but for me it doesn't matter. Which town would I choose? Of course London. Why? Because this is a capital city, there are a lot of shops, cinemas, pubs, restaurants. All the time there is something going on. I like that life.
I was in London 3 years ago and I felt in love with this town :)

Musisz koniecznie napisac mi cos jeszcze bo niestety nie mam dzisiaj głowy do myślenia. pozdrawiam