Pokreś własciwy wyraz:
1.He left his car to be inspected by the mechanics of the local PETROL STATION/GARAGE
2.Near huge supermarkets there are large PARKINGS/CAR PARKS
3.They ran out of BENZINE/PETROL in the middle of the desert.
4.It was the first time I had travelled in a first class WAGON/CARRIAGE
5.The local transport in London is relatively fast due to its UNDERGROUND SYSTEM/METRO
6.We were lucky to get a ticket for non-smoking WAGON/CARRIAGE
7.When you see a GARAGE/CAR PARK you should stop to fill up with petrol.
8.Before you board a plane you usually wait in the DEPARTURE LOUNGE/WAITING ROOM.
9.At an airport you put your luggage on a BASKET/TROLLEY.
10.We can buy plane tickets at the BOX OFFICE/TRAVEL AGENT'S.
11.Tourists learn very simple words and phrases in a foreign language from a GUIDEBOOK/PHRASEBOOK.
12.You wait for a train on the PLATFORM/STOP.
13.You pay a FARE/PRICE for a journey on a bus.
14. Last month we had a serious car INCIDENT/ACCIDENT.
15.He often talks about his many foreign TRIPS/OUTINGS



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. Garage
2. car parks
3. petrol
4. carriage
5. underground system
6. carriage
7. car park
8. departure lounge
9. basket
10. travel agent
11. phrase book
13. fare
14. accident
15. trips