Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Postanowiłam lekko zmienić to opowiadanie. Mam nadzieję, że to Ci się bardziej spodoba.

At one time, somewhere very far, for himself a young nobleman lived. He had the big wealth and many people which served him. Nobleman, in spite of the good birth, wasn't a good person. He loved only oneself and afternoon hunts. He exploited his subjects ordering them to work entire days but frequently and nights. And past intact had his cruelty, that nobleman, beautiful fiancee about the warm heart.
Of certain warm and green December – since there a snow was never falling down – the young nobleman decided that every person on his estates would be working until the end of the year so long and heavily, until his larders are filled up with the food and chambers of the manor house with new ornaments and furniture. For one's fiancée – in the rising tide of great love – ordered to spin silk threads, with which she was supposed to embroider the Gobelin, presenting his image. Poor girl which despite everything loved the nobleman entire with one's warm heart, sat spinning days and nights delicate threads. After many hard days, when everyone, apart from the nobleman of course, were worn out with work, in the end a day of the great holiday came. This leveling the day with the night was – time, when all frights are leaving to the ground so that for this longest night in the year dance and mock people. It's a well-known fact that that day it is necessary to rest; however the nobleman didn't warn an old truths and him subjects worked without respite in the sweat of their brow.
When the dusk wrapped land and even nocturnal birds kept quiet among the trees, frights and ghosts, with which they conducted witches dressed in dark robes started looming shadows into view. The ghostly procession went along roads dancing and disappointing woefully. They looked to every cottage, to every fox earth checking, whether all creatures on the earth are celebrating with them. What anger and the surprise seized them, when they saw suddenly that on one of manor houses still people were working. The all-knowing Raven told them about the young nobleman which didn't let people celebrate. They decided to punish him most severely by all means possible – hurting the only person which he loved – of him alone. The young man ate exactly a delicious meal, and his fiancée about the warm heart spun silk threads, when three messengers of Darkness turned up at the chamber. They told him about his inexcusable act and about the penalty which he will carry - the fiancée of the nobleman had time to the dawn to spin snowflakes on the reel, otherwise the man will die in excruciating torments, and entire his wealth will sit down at the bottom of the lake – still suddenly when they appeared, this way they disappeared. The nobleman went pale with fear at the thought of loss one's exquisitely valuable life. He ordered to shut the fiancée in the empty chamber so that nothing for her diffuses, and alone - guarded by dozen of guards - fell asleep on his large four-poster bed. Poor girl, sitting alone in cold and dark komacie, could only to cry over the wretched fate of one's beloved. She heard about the snow only from evening stories, but none of them said, how he was supposed to spin it on the ordinary, wooden reel. Suddenly, in the window Raven as black as shadows of autumn trees appeared. - Snowflakes – started speaking a deep voice – you can spin only from pure tears and a northerly wind – he said and he flew away, and when he only disappeared from view for the girl started blowing strong, northerly wind. Not waiting neither seized the moment of it into one's delicate hands and put on the spindle. Even though he chilled fingers for her, she spun without the respite sprinkling him with pure tears. However everyone came into existence in this way the petal immediately melted on her hands. Desperate didn't know, what to do, when suddenly, amongst the rustle of trees growing in the orchard, heard the quiet voice. She went to a window and clearly she heard the singing of green leaves. They talked about her warm heart which is melting cold snowflakes and about the fate of the nobleman which with coming of the dawn will die sunk with the entire court in the middle of the great lake. Terrified with inevitable fate seated herself at the reel. hciała to cool one's heart down with sad thoughts, however could not chill it entirely. She knew that the sun soon would rise and she will not be able to already do nothing. Feverishly she thought about her cursed lot, when out of the window then again a dark Raven flew. He made circles above the crying girl, dropping the little object to her knees – was it is a cold, silver dagger. Long she looked at his smooth and keen blade and the richly ornamented hilt, set with stones shining like stars. In the end she raised it with shivering hand and dug in the breast. For her bitter coolness paralysed the body. However she persisted in her action. Definitely and skilfully she moved the blade, until at last she exempted her warm, still beating heart. Cautiously she put them by her feet and she started spinning anew. Devoid of the warmth of the heart could without to weave problems the most beautiful snowflakes. For them realized the first rays of sunshine penetrated into her chamber, and with them three messengers appeared. After a moment he came and nobleman. He brightened up seeing the snow and he already wanted departures from the chamber, when suddenly the earth started shivering. It didn't last it three of blinking of the eye, when entire court, together with the nobleman, was at the bottom of the deep lake. Now wandering alone in empty chambers, not being able to not count to the admiration of subjects for its person – what was the greatest torture for him – could hear still repeated words – you could not love other, nobody will fall in love with you. – because even Darkness had more emotions than the young nobleman.
Next his fiancée about the warm heart sitting down at her feet, was closed in the mountain cave, where all through the year is spinning the most beautiful snowflakes not remembering about fatal love for the conceited young man.
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