Napisze ci pocztowke, która miałam w szkole, wszystko będzie w niej na nie :P

Dear Mike,
I'm having a bad time on my holiday in Warsaw. The weather is horrible, it's cloudy and raining. People who I met are unfriendly. I am here alone :(
Food is disgusting and the hotel isn't very good. Beds are uncomportable and my room is tiny!! Yesterday I saw a Pałac Kultury. That was one thing I like. I want to come back!

mam nadzieję, że troszkę Ci sie przyda
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Joon
Hello.I'm here in Venice!It's fantastic.I'm with my mother having a great time!It's sunny today, and we'resitting in a restaurant in St.Mark's Square.We're drinking coffee but i love it and watching the people.They are awful.This afternoon we're going on a gondola and this evening we're haivng dinner in the hotel.We're going to go(zamierzamy iść na zakupy) shopping now so bye for now.Hope you're well.See you.
Love from and many hugs(many hugs znaczy ściskam, przytulam...)

Dostałam z tej pocztowki 100%:D:Dczyli 5.mam nadzieje ze ci sie przyda:)