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Proszę o pomoc.;)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi Mark.
First I want to apologize for that I didn't write to you very often. I devoted most time for learning and writings works. It was so irritating. Few days ago, at the begining of year I was in France with my family. That departure was amazing but I remember one situation, which happened in Luwr. When I sightseeing inside museum I unwitting tought one of statue and because of that she felt down. It was horrible, because my parents had to paid for that incident. Please, write to me !! Tell me some news from New York. How you feel in primary school and what about friends? Do you still have the same as in past school ? I am waiting for your letter...

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Dear Katarzyna!
Excuse me, that long I didn't write, but I am very busy with the learning. I just found a little of the time to write to you.
The weather is very cool and pleasant. Still it's snowing but it isn't disturbing me. I like the snow. The Christmas was excellent. Everyone approached themselves and I felt that I was happy. I must tell you, that in with the one Christmas Eves even a stranger arrived in us. Poor and hungry seated himself with us before the supper. It is a remarkable experience! And you, how you are? You too long you didn't write, so I am very curious about your adventures .
Please, answer quickly! Very behind you longingly. Greetings!