1a)Use the words below to complete the customer's sentences.
Customer I/like/see some T-shirts przykład
I'd like to see some T-shirts.
Assistant Certainly. What colour would you like?
Customer I/like/green T-shirt,please
Assistant I'm sorry.We haven't got any green T-shirts.
Customer Have/got/blue T-shirts,then?
Assistant Yes we've got red,blue and yellow.
Here's a blue T-shirt.
Customer How much/it?
Assistant It's six pounds.
Customer Are/ red T-shirt six pounds,too?
Assistant No, they're eight pounds fifty.
Customer Ok,I/like one blue/two red T-shirts,please
Assistant Right.Here you are,That's...

b) Underline the correct words
1 The customer wants a green/yellow T-shirts.
2 The stall hasn't go any blue/green T-shirts.
3 The customer buys two/three T-shirts
4 She pays twenty pounds fifty/twenty-three pounds.

2 Complete thedialogue.Use the information in the box
CUSTOMER- You want to see baseballcaps.You'd like a red cap ora black cap.You'd also like a blue cap for your brother.How much do you pay.
Customer ₁ ___________________________________
Assistant Certainly.What colour would you like?
Customer ₂___________________________________
Assistant I'm sorry.We haven't got any red caps.
Customer ₃________________________________________
Assistant Yes we've got red,blue and yellow.
Here's a blue T-shirt.
Customer ₄__________________________________
Assistants It's three pounds fifty.
Customer ₅__________________________________-
Assistant No they're four pounds.
Customer ₆____________________________________-

proszę o pomoc ;)))



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I'd like green t-shirt, please

Have you got blue t-shirts, then?

How much is it?

Are red T-shirts six pounds too?

Ok, I'd like one blue and two red T-shirts, please.

1. green
4.twenty-three pounds
I'd like red baseballcap, please.

W drugm jest coś namieszane ale chodzi o to samo co w pierwszym z tym że trzeba zamienić T-shirty na czapki baseballowe(baseballcap)