Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
- It is very difficult to make a friendship because the people are anonymous.
- Living in the big city is loud.
- It is impossible to have garden in the city center. The air is polluted. It's difficult to breath.
- The crime raten is rather high because there are many robbers as well as the an employment rate is high
- There are often traffic jams, because of heavy traffic.
+ It possible to make a friendship or a close acquaintanceship very quickly because people are not anonymous
+ Living in the country is very quiet
+ You can have the garden in any places You would like. The Enivronment is in good shape. The air isn’t polluted it is very good for health.
(Możesz mieć ogród, w każdym miejscu, gdzie tylko chcesz.
+ The crime rate is almost doesn’t exist.
(Przestępczość prawie nie występuje, nie istnieje).
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